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Protect your family from radon

The average indoor radon concentration in Iowa is 8.5 pCi/L. More than six times the national average.

The Iowa Department of Public Health estimates that as many as 5 in 7 homes across Iowa have elevated levels.

how can we help?

Radon Mitigation & Radon Gas Reduction

REP Radon has installed over 3000 radon mitigation systems, with customer service and quality top-of-mind during every installation. The company has been in business over a decade, working closely with homeowners and real estate agents.

Radon awareness continues to grow in the state of Iowa as levels throughout the state are at national highs. Determining if high levels of radon gas are present in your home is imperative for Iowans – so test today and call us to install a system if needed.

REP Radon offers free estimates for internal and external radon mitigation systems and guarantees each system for 5 years – with an option to extend the warranty to 10 (at an additional cost). With each radon mitigation system installation, REP Radon hires an independent state-certified third party testing company to ensure levels have been reduced to the appropriate levels.


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Schedule your Radon Mitigation Today !

REP Radon offers free estimates for internal and external radon mitigation systems and guarantees each system for 5 years. Fill out the following form or email us your information directly to Schedule an Estimate today! 

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Fill out the following form and our team will contact you to schedule your mitigation estimate. 

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A team of experts

You’re guaranteed a knowledgeable and customer-focused team. REP Radon personnel continually train through various learning mediums – on-site, online and classroom based training, along with safety meetings, etc.

REP Radon has a long standing history with the Better Business Bureau and is a proud member of the Iowa City Area Association of Home Builders and affiliate members of the Iowa City Area Association of Realtors and the Cedar Rapids Area Association of Realtors.

REP Radon respectfully offers a 10% discount to military personnel with valid identification to show appreciation for those that have served our country.

Want to learn more about the dangers of radon?

Radon is a chemical element with symbol Rn and atomic number 86. It is a radioactive, colorless, odorless, tasteless noble gas.

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what can i do?

What is the process?

Radon Testing

Have your home or business tested for Radon

Check Results

If your Radon levels exceed 4 pCi/L schedule a Radon Mitigation

Radon Mitigation

Don't wait, our certified team will install a Radon Mitigation System

Breath Easy

Rest easy knowing your Radon levels are safe

Real estate agents love us

We can help bring peace of mind to closing

Thank you so much for doing such a great job installing the mitigation systems for our clients over the years. You are always very professional & responsive to clients questions & we really appreciate your knowledge & experience!
Jill Armstrong
Skogman Reality
Thank you REP (Radon Elimination Professionals) and Radon “John” for always being quick to respond and getting estimates for both interior and exterior mitigation systems for my clients whether they’re buyers or sellers. Sure makes my job easier. Including your testing results as part of the estimate is wonderful. One stop shop!
Tim Lehman
Coldwell Banker
Radon Elimination Professionals is a top notch company to work with!  They are qualified, experienced, and very efficient to work with.  I recommend them to all of my clients needing mitigation as I know they will be in good hands with "Radon John".
Katie Chalupa
Skogman Reality
John and his Team of Professionals always go above and beyond to do an exceptional job and to exceed the industry standards to make every home have safe radon levels!! Highly recommend them every time we need services for radon mitigation!! It's the only call I would make!!
Mike Graf
John and the team at REP are hands down the best Radon professionals I've ever worked with.  They work diligently to make sure their product and service is top notch, at the same time their pricing is very fair.  If you want it done right the first time, REP is the only call to make.
Urban Acres
Radon John does outstanding work, and is always ready to help out with any and all radon issues a home might have. Kelley and I have used him dozens of times for our Buyers and Sellers, and referred him to many other friends and fellow Realtors. His bids are always in line with the final price, and his work is second to none.
Ruhl Homes