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Frequently Asked Questions

A: No, REP believes this presents a potential conflict of interest, therefore, works with numerous state-certified third party testers. You can also purchase a testing system through Amazon here.

A: Generally, installations take less than a day. Homeowners do not need to be present during the installation, however, they are more than welcome to be there and our team will answer any questions.

A: Estimates are free of charge within 50 miles of Solon, IA.

A: Yes, the warranty remains with the system, not the individual that chooses to install it. All systems come with our standard 5 year warranty. Customers have the choice to extend this guarantee to 10 years at an additional cost.

A: Yes. REP contracts a state-certified third party testing company post installation for verify radon levels have been reduced to the appropriate levels. A list of Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) licensed radon measurement professionals can be found on the IDPH Radon Program website by clicking here and selecting the second available link on the page.

A: Yes, an additional 4% convenience fee will be charged.

A: It is likely due to a crack in the silicone that seals the base of the system. You can reseal this with 100% silicone or call us. If you choose to reseal it as the homeowner, your warranty will NOT be voided.

A: It is not uncommon to hear a gurgling sound after a heavy rain or large thaw. If the sound continues for more than a week, please call/email REP and we will schedule an appointment for service.

A: An experienced individual (i.e. plumber) can cut the radon pipe to replace the sump and reconnect the radon pipe into the sump lid which will require resealing with 100% silicone.

A: Call/email REP for instruction.

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