Electrician & Electrical Contractor Services Located in Solon, IA


Electrician & Electrical Contractor Services Located in Solon, IA

Estimates within 50 Miles of Solon, IA*

REP Electric began business in 2018 to service the needs of Eastern Iowa homes and businesses, safely installing and maintaining the electric and power systems. Based in Solon, IA, REP Electric will travel throughout the corridor to create custom solutions for your electrical needs.

Our Pricing

REP Electric offers estimates – please call 319-331-6299 to set up an appointment. Projects are estimated based on time and material costs and will be clearly communicated. Small home projects range between $125-$5,000, depending on the scope of work it could be higher.

*Estimates start at $125.00

How can we help you?

From small projects around the house to major remodels, REP Electric is here to help you.
Examples of recent projects include:

  • Outlet changes/additions
    • Need an outlet in your kitchen island?
    • Need a place to plug in your electronic device near your sofa?
  • Lighting fixture installations, including ceiling fans
    • Could your kitchen use a light over the dining table?
    • Want to change your light fixture types and be more energy efficient?
  • Wiring for new appliances or devices (dishwasher, hot-tub, flat screen tv)
  • Service upgrades
  • Remedy request items

Service and Experience

REP Electric strives to provide excellent customer service during every project. From your initial interaction with our Office Manager to the execution of your project by our Master Electrician, you will interact with a professional team looking to meet your needs.

Dave Drea is a Master Electrician – the top of his field with years of experience. Dave has the experience and knowledge to tackle the most complex electrical systems, having moved through the apprentice and journeyman electrician statuses. Dave understands the requirements for each project and will execute them professionally and safely – including the permit process if needed.


Home electrical work ranks second in household accidents in the country – behind falling off ladders, but electrical work is more deadly. Hiring a master electrician gives you the comfort that you’re bringing someone into your home or business that has a lot of schooling and experience. Before you stick your hand into a fuse box or rewire a house, you have to know a lot about electrical power – the way it moves, how it works, the math and physics behind it and more. Keep safety in mind and call REP Electric to get your project done!